French Bread Pizza {tutorial}

French Bread Pizzazzzzzzzzz.......

Super easy...
Super yummy...
and won't break the bank!!!

All you need is a loaf of French Bread, pizza sauce {I use Prego Traditional spaghetti sauce}, grated cheese {I use a 5 cheese mix}, and whatever toppings your lil' heart desires!!!!

After you slice your french bread spread sauce over each piece.  You can use a lot or a little...depends on what you like.

Sprinkle with cheese...we like lots and lots of cheese in my household {maybe that's why we are all so cheesy?!?}.

Add toppings.  I usually mix it up between just cheese and pepperoni {I have picky eaters in my house}!!

Bake at 400 degrees {farenheit} for 15-20 minutes {or until cheese is browned and meat is curled at edges}.

And watch your French Bread Pizzazzzzzzz disappear!!!

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