What I'm about to show you may shock you...
You may think to yourselves...'I can't believe she lives like this..."
Do I need a makeover?

So...in hopes that my PATHETICNESS will get me some attention in this totally 
AWESOME giveaway from Vintage Revivals...

I give you my master bedroom...in all it's glory!!!
{and, yes, that is me with no make-up on, in my pj's...pathetic huh?}

Seriously can't believe I'm showin' y'all this...
I am SO, totally, EXTREMELY
{small disclaimer ~ these photos were taken at 11:01 PM after a full work week} 
Definitely not the sanctuary I've always dreamed of...

I mean, look at my awesome broken curtain rods and the very fancy shmancy curtains...

And what about this super shabby chic MAN CORNER?!?

Stylin' right?
I mean, ya gotta love a big black hunk of metal in your bedroom...I bet Better Homes & Garden is just biting at the bit to feature something like this in their magazine!

Oh...but wait!  There's more!
Hard to believe right?!?

Check it out ~ NO DOORS!!!

With my rubber maid dressers...HA! 
Awe...but that jewelry armoire is perty cool...you could do some great things with piece of Pier 1 furniture...

I am seriously RED with SHAME right now...
Let me redeem myself a little by showing you my somewhat nice TV cabinet...
that mirror is up for some redoing...it's metal and would be a rockin' project!!!

and the dressers that, if I ever get them done, might shnazz up the room a little...

{ya...they've been like this for some time now}

and my recent acquisition...a green vintage door

Not to mention I have this awesome mirror...

a basement full of goodies...

 which includes this mirror from IKEA...

 all of which Mandi will have free reign over...I hope to leave my treasures in her competent hands.

Okay...so...to sum things up...

1} No headboard
2} Ugly paint
3} No closet doors
4} Horrible lighting
5} Mismatched everything
6} Broken and FUGLY window coverings
7} The MAN corner
8} Lots of goodies to reinvent
9} And then there is ME..but that's a whole different makeover!!!
I am desperate...I am begging you...take pity on me...and vote for me {entry deadline is April 30th and then the voting will begin ~ and only for 3 days}.  I'm tired of my bedroom being the catch-all...the, 'oh, we're having guests?  just throw everything in there' room!  
Can I count on you?
My faithful, non-judgmental readers...can I count on your vote?
Pwetty...pwetty pwease!!!
Voting opens at midnight on April 30 and will go till May Tuesday...no worries...I'll remind you :)
Oh, and if you haven't stopped by Vintage Revivals...you should!
You'll find beauties like:

Told you she is AMAZING!!!
Oh, and if we get bored, we can go out on the new family toy...