If you must do FOOLish things, do them with enthusiasm....

Before I get too far into this 
there are just a few things you need to know

1} I hardly ever pull pranks
2} Boo-Bear and I cannot have any more kids
3} Boo-Bear HATES the smell of nail polish
4} Boo-Bear HATES messes

Let me explain...

I have never been one to pull practical jokes...so April Fools Day has never been that exciting in my house.  But for some reason, I think it has something to do with me having this blog, this year is different.  I've actually been excited to pull a prank on Boo-Bear.  Initially {and this is where fact #2 comes into play} I was planning on having one of my pregnant friends take a piddle on a pregnancy test...I was then going to put the positive test on the bathroom counter.  Now, Boo-Bear will get home tomorrow around 2:00 AM and, as most men, will hit the bathroom up first thing.  Imagine his surprise if he found a positive pregnancy test sitting on the counter?  Teehee...

But...I am a procrastinator and never bought the pregnancy test :(

So, I came up with this instead:

Here's what I did:

1} Picked a noticeable color of nail polish

2} Laid out some Wax Paper...only Wax Paper will do

3} Opened up the bottle and laid it on it's side
As it starts pouring position the lid IN the spill ~ Be sure that the nail polish touches both the lid and the bottle.  Once it is dry/hard it will become one piece {of art...lol}.

4} Let dry

Now, since I am a procrastinator, I did this today.  I decided to do it in the garage hoping that the colder temperature would help to dry the nail polish faster.  We'll see...

5} Once dry, peel the wax paper off.  Nail polish is an enamel and will not stain or stick to any surface once it is dry...so you don't have to worry about this becoming a permanent fixture to whatever you put it on.

6} Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and hide it somewhere near the 'spill'...the smell will give the impression that the 'spill' is fresh

Since Boo-Bear won't be getting home until 2 AMish I plan on letting this concoction sit in the garage until I go to bed (around 11 PM).  I'll position it on the bathroom counter and hide a few cotton balls around the bathroom to make the smell very noticeable.  When he gets home from a long, tiring 30 hour run, he'll immediately find two things he absolutely HATES ~ a mess and the smell of nail polish.  

It'll NEVER occur to him that it's 
Especially since I NEVER pull pranks...