Make-Up Brush Jar {tutorial}

I've been seeing a ton of make-up organization tutes lately 
so I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at
what my my make-up organizing looked like...


Not too happy with what I saw...
you can see that I at least tried to organize it all with a
kitchen drawer thingy majingy!

So...I thought I would start with something simple...the Brushes!

Perty cute eh?!?

All I needed was:

 ~ Make-up brushes {{of course}}
 ~ Some pebbles
 ~ And a jar

And I'm betting you can guess how I did it?!? 

1 ~ Open the jar...phew...that was hard!
2 ~ Cut open the bag holding the pebbles...this is getting tougher and tougher!
3 ~ Pour the pebbles into the this is really important...only fill the jar halfway (keep the rest of the pebbles for another org project)...everyone still with me?  Teehee...I'm just teasin' y'all!
4 ~ Leave as is, or cut a phrase out with your Cricut (or whatever diecutting machine you have) on vinyl, center phrase on jar, and tie a ribbon!

 Now I must get to the rest of that make-up {{double sigh}}