Rosettes {how to / tutorial}

I'll start off by sayin that I absolutely love Ucreate


She has an online craft group and, of course, I just have to participate!'s my first one!

You'll need:

A frame
Strips of fabric or ribbon
Glue gun

1. Tie a knot in your fabric/ribbon and hot glue the knot to your frame.

2. Twist the excess ribbon and wrap around knot.  Hot glue to frame.

3. Twist remaining fabric, wrap around knot - hot glueing the ribbon to the frame as you go.

4. You'll have a little piece of ribbon left.  Twist it tightly and glue it under the flower.

5. Repeat process as many times as you want. 

6. Embellish flowers with some ribbon.  You could use tulle, more fabric, or just leave the flowers alone.

7. Embellish flowers with bling.  I used the hot glue gun to attach everything.

8. Put your picture or text in the frame.

Wild Flowers are True Survivors...a motto that suits me just fine.