HandmadeMN Market - Baskets and Bags

by Rita Wetzel, RitasCreationsOnETSY

November 20th is fast approaching and that means you're in for an exciting day of shopping at the HandmadeMN Market at the Ballentine VFW. Our vendors are madly performing their magic transforming fabric, wire, beads, paper, photos, paints, tiles, wool, and all other kinds of raw materials into fabulous handmade products!

Not only are our team members busily preparing for the market but they have also been very generous in donating their handmade goodies for our Giveaway Baskets and Swag Bags. Take a look at these donations!

The TCWitchcraftFactory creates "everything and anything that improves your home life and outlook!" You will find these hand-carved stamps in the Gift Baskets and the mini cards in the Swag Bags - the 1st 25 visitors will receive a Swag Bag full of assorted handmade creations from our team members.

These amazing rings and pendants are fashioned by KellyBot! Buttons have never been in better hands - Kelly's creations are so very beautifull!

LittleBigPants delights all with her handmade creations for the sophisticated child! These fabric ornaments and postcards will be making an appearance in our Gift Baskets and Swag Bags!!

SacredSuds makes divinely inspired handmade soaps! The mission of SacredSuds is to "provide soulful soaps that help channel positive energies into your life". And, just take a look at these hand and shower bars that will be making an appearance in our Giveway Baskets and Swag Bags. Awesome!

You may also want to check these previous sneak peaks to see what you might win in the HandmadeMN Giveaway Baskets and/or Swag Bags...

Hope to see you at the HandmadeMN Market:
-Saturday, November 20
-10:00 am - 6:00 pm
-Ballentine VFW at 2916 Lyndale Ave S in Minneapolis