August - Water Quality Month

by Rita Wetzel of RitasCreationsOnETSY and AndMoreBags

Did you know that August is Water Quality Month? Neither did I until I started rummaging through the internet for a topic for this blog post! Water is essential to our health! We need water to do dishes, for the laundry, and for general cleaning. Our pets, gardens, and lawns all need water. We wash our cars with water and those of us who do windows need water too! A trip to the lake - whether it be for fishing, swimming, or boating - all revolves around water. And who doesn't appreciate the serenity of a sunrise or sunset over a body of water?

Given that this is another hot, muggy Minnesota August day, I am really appreciating these Icy Water Earrings by cayennepeppy.

And take a look at this - Lake Reflections by PenguinPalace - I am always amazed at what we find on our lakes right here in Minneapolis!

And here is one of those sailboats by oodlesofcolor that you see on in the photo above!

And who doesn't enjoy a nice cup of tea (which requires us to boil water) on the deck with friends and family? We certainly know that Kav122 does!

Not up for tea? Then how about getting out the pitcher, some lemons, some sugar, and some water and make lemonade with GrandmasCraftGarden!

So, when you use water during August, appreciate it a bit more! Remember all of the things that you use water for on a day-to-day basis. Remember that it is essential to our health! And remember that it brings us a lot of enjoyment day in and day out in many, many ways! Happy Water Quality Month!