Art/Craft Show DO's and DONT's

Haven't we all worried about an art's/craft show...
What should I bring? Do I have everything? What if I don't get any sales? What if it is so busy...I can't keep up?
Well, here's the place to learn about the In's and Out's of attending/selling your wares at a show.
Being a newby at the show process, I've already experienced the good and bad. Weather had cut one of my show's short last summer, and it's a good thing we could wrap it up early, since I had no insurance on my items....which brings up another good subject, is insurance for you?

Be assured from these artists who have participated in 1 to 1000 show's these DO's will help you in the long run.

*DO ensure your items are displayed in an orderly/presentable fashion. It does not have to look like a Nordstrom's display.
*DO Make the best of your day, if you look bored or disgusted, a possible client will walk away.
*DO Self talk, to make it easy to talk to people that stop at your booth. (I think I can, I think I can)
*DO Bring some of your "in process works" or tools to make a new item. If the show happens to have a slow period, you can work on something new!
*DO photo searches on Flickr to get ideas for booth displays and setup.

DON'Ts of a Craft/Art Show:
*DON'T gab on the phone, stick your nose in a book, or otherwise ignore your customer
*DON'T make a fuss with show directors/managers, they won't ask you back the next year.

Kelly Barto from KellyBot has a wonderful craft show list on the left side of her blog page. This list has a lot of great items that will help in making for a great show!

It will pay off to research each show you plan to attend or apply for. Talk to other crafters about what shows have worked for them in the past.
Remember, it's your business, it's a great way to get to talk about yourself!