The Farmers Market

by Rita Wetzel of RitasCreationsOnETSY and AndMoreBags

May is the beginning of the Farmer's Markets here in Minnesota. A weekend trip to a local market has become a ritual over the years. The locally grown, fresh vegetables and fruits remind me of growing up with all of the wonderful, tasty produce that we grew in the garden. Although, I must say I enjoy them much more now than I did as a kid!! And what is my favorite vegetable from the garden? Fresh peas - oh, they are so yummy out of the pod - they rarely make it into the veggie steamer! And my favorite fruit - raspberries!

My trip to the farmers market this past weekend yielded me fresh rhubarb for rhubarb crisp and marigolds for the flower garden!

So all of this got me to thinking about our Minnesota Etsians. What kind of Farmers Market could we come up with? What kind of produce and what kind of flowers would our market have? Well, here's a few of offerings....

We would turn to Tinab76 for the peas in the pod that I so dearly love:

And Michelephoto will bring the brussel sprouts, radishes, eggplant and more:

And we'll find more radishes at The Green Squirrel:

Like pomegranates? Well look for Cindy Lindgren!

And we certainly have to pick up our apples from Julie Meyer:

You will be able to find roses and many other flowers from Mary Foster:

Like daisies? I love them! Then stop by and visit Penguin Palace:

So visit your local Farmer's Market soon! And remember these delicious offerings from HandmadeMN!!