Is It Spring Yet?

by Rita Wetzel, RitasCreationsOnETSY and AndMoreBags

Once again, I am sitting here watching this white stuff fall from the skies. More snow is predicted for tomorrow - not only here in Minnesota, but also across other major areas of the nation! This winter has brought more snow to more places than we have had in a long, long time. Record snowfalls have been experienced, rush hours have turned into rush crawls, and shoveling snow has become our latest pasttime!

I have seen many posts on Facebook, Twitter, and boards asking if spring is every going to come! I believe the answer is "yes." And why am I confident that spring will be here soon? Well, just take a look at these spring creations that our Minnesota Artists and Crafters are already making. If there was no hope for spring, would we be putting in our time and effort and creative genius into making these awesome handcrafted items?

Glorioushat has listed this beautiful Rose and Lime Brooch. Doesn't this remind you of rose bushes in full bloom! And the green - I can smell the fresh spring smells after a nice, cleansing rain!

From SugarandSpice, we have the Easter Bunny Annie Cloth Doll. Looks like the rabbits will have some friendly competition this Easter from these cuties!

Tulips! Tulips for sure are a sign that spring is just around the corner. Take a look at these wonderful Tulip Note Cards from CindyLindgren's shop.

And what about these lovely "A Day in Spring Earrings" from Vintagenouveaudesigns! Spring blossoms are just around the corner! Can you smell them?

I love my peonies that bloom every spring. They are mostly red and pink peonies but I do have one white peony bush! Here is a lovely Festiva Maxima Peony 8 x 10 photo from MaryFosterCreative that captures the essence of the spring peony so very well!

So, spring is just around the corner! When the snow gets you down, please come back here for an early breath of our spring renewal and our spring smells compliments of HandmadeMN!!