WIP: American Indian Free Spirit and others

Just a quick look at my latest WIP"s (work-in-progress). I've been wanting to do an American Indian Free Spirit, and when Joyce was able to adapt the Fibre Craft pattern to make such a great outfit for her Scarlet, I wanted to do the same with Fibre Craft's lovely American Indian Princess outfits.

I had a lovely, lovely, Wool/Tencel yarn in jet black that is perfect for her hair. It is a Berroco yarn called Lustra, and it is just that.

Winters Dawn is complete and awaiting her costume. I'm going to choose one that is availabe free from this site:


So if you choose, you can make a doll just like the one I am making. Of course, there are several other American Indian patterns available, and Amazon has several for sale that are used copies.

I created two other dolls while I was at it, and plan to get them wigged before making the American Indian costume. This way they can tell me their personalities while I am crocheting clothing.

I used Vanna's Choice yarn for all three. The Caucasian dolls are made with Beige, and the American Indian doll is made with Honey. This yarn makes up a lovely doll, and is not quite as rough as the Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

This Mini is destined to be a little gardener for my Sister's birthday. I hope to create a little garden that she will be the center of. My Grandmother was a great garderner, and my sister has inherited her talent and love for growing things :-)