8 Questions with...Regan Saunders

By Kat Lewinski

Meet Regan Saunders. Regan lives in South Minneapolis near the Institute of Arts with her husband and hamster Ziggy. Her immediate family is all in Minneapolis as well. She works part time at a paper store and also as a valet. Valeting used to take up 5 nights of her week but she's recently changed companies so that she can spend more time on her Etsy shop. You can find Regan on her Etsy store, Regans' Brain.

1. What types of items do you sell in your store?

Pillows, Paper goods, Headbands, and Vintage Items - Anything my "brain" comes up with!

2. Where do you get your inspiration?

Mainly from my husband, but really everywhere. I usually walk into a store, see something that grabs my eye and think, "What can I do with this?". Odd objects tend to interest me most and get my wheels turning. My favorite recent purchase is a faux fur Fox figurine!

3. Do you have a specific space where you do most of your work?

I have a sewing room in our apartment. I use a sewing table that my grandma recently gave me. It was one of the collapsible sewing tables that my great-grandpa used to sell.

4. When did you first start crafting?

I've been crafting as long as I can remember. My earliest memories of crafting go back to when my Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandparents and I used to spend a week at a cottage on Lake Minnewaska every August. I remember going to the local Ben Franklin and getting beads, yarn and other goodies. We would sit around making things throughout the week. I always loved the time we spent together and I know it influences me to this day.

5. Do you do any crafts or art beyond what you sell?

Currently I am taking my second photography class at the U of M. I also make things while working at the paper store.

6. What are your favorite places to buy supplies?

For fabric I love Craftyplanet in North East - they are also online. Currently I buy a lot of my supplies at JoAnn Fabrics, The Paper Source and Paper Depot, but I am always on the lookout for local shops that have odds and ends.

7. What is the best thing you've ever done to promote your etsy store?

Nothing. Seriously! Somehow someone picked up one of my pillows and put it on their blog. It was then re-blogged on multiple blogs, tripling the views I received on that pillow in one day! That was sort of a fluke, and I wish I knew of good ways one could promote their shop. I am hoping to learn a lot about promoting my shop from other HandmadeMN members!

8. What other etsy store(s) do you really like?

missbrigette's shop - She is responsible for my avatar!