Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll Pattern

One of the things I've really wanted to do with this blog is to share some of my crochet doll patterns with other dollmakers and crocheters. Now that I've figured out how to link to a PDF file, I have the pattern available for my Free Spirit Amigurumi doll available.

This is a free pattern, you may make as many as you like and even sell them. I would ask that if you do sell them, you include my name as the designer of the pattern. This pattern is for the doll only. Soon, I will have available clothing patterns for her as well. The pattern is for this doll:

I also have some picture tutorials to go with this doll, since the PDF file only has the photo of the completed doll. The tutorials are located here:

I would be happy for feedback, since I am the only one proofreading the instructions, and I hope you enjoy making this doll. She is simple, cute, and a lot of fun :-)